Website Examples

Forum Content Management System
Website Forum Builder
Easily create content-rich online forums

Portfolio Content Management System
Stylish display mechanism for portfolios

Database Content Management System
Online Interactive Database Engine
Pictured: 1,000,000 crossword puzzle clues

Game website
Challenging and popular brainy games, thousand of players each day

Applied History
Time Capsule Sales

Online Brokerage
One of the top four online trading websites

Wakerich Asylum
Probably needs no explanation...

History Making Website, sorta
Now you can create your own fake news...

Website Widget Examples

Mini Crossword Generator
Online Widget
App to generate mini crossword puzzles

Online Game
Rube Goldberg challenge to open a locked treasure chest

Maxwell's Plum
Online Game
Based on 2nd Law of Thermodynamics

Online Game
Compete in real-time to create anagrams

Strangers In The Night
Online Game
Rube Goldberg challenge to find true love

Online Game
Based on being stuck in traffic

Double Cross
Online Game
Compete in real-time to solve crossword puzzles

Online Game
Rube Goldberg challenge to get a comedian off the stage

Online Game
Compete in real-time to rearrange prose

Online Game
Based on QIX

Online Game
Compete in real-time to solve sudoku puzzles

Online Game
Rube Goldberg challenge to turn off an alarm clock

Online Game
Based on PONG

Follow The Bouncing Ball
Online Widget
Plays music, moves the ball along

Mouse Trap
Online Game
Rube Goldberg challenge to catch a mouse

Sudoku Puzzle Generator
Online Tool
App to generate and solve sudoku puzzles

Visual Option Calculator
Online Tool
Financial educational tool for derivatives

3D Graphs
Online Tool
Engine to generate graphs in 3D

Stand Alone Games

Arcade Style Video Game
Original programmer of the best selling Atari game

Dancing Feets
Musical Video Game
Play perfect jazz with the computer joystick

Adventure Master
Video Game
Create your own adventure games

Hardware Inventions

Wind Prospector
Hardware invention
Digital wind speed meter

Electric Bandaid
Hardware invention
Digital and analog device to pulse current across a wound

Applied History Time Capsules
Hardware invention
Bury a time capsule today! 5,000+ sold

Other Projects

Clean Your Room
Stop motion animation
Winner The Prospector Film Contest

Open An Umbrella
Rube Goldberg Machine
Winner Rube Goldberg Contest

Wooden Pachinki Machines
Hardware invention
Which plays music

Theatrial Sets
For about two dozen shows
Just for fun...